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Lakewalk Surgery Center is an independent outpatient facility located at 1420 London Road, Suite 100 in Duluth, MN. Designed for quality, comfort, and efficiency, Lakewalk is a lower-cost alternative for outpatient surgery. We pride ourselves in putting patients first, and providing comforting amenities including private patient rooms with a lake view, convenient scheduling, minimal waiting, free parking and easy access to the building.

With a comfortable and private facility, advanced surgical suites and a dedicated medical staff, your procedure can be faster, less invasive, and more comfortable at Lakewalk. We also have a high staff-to-patient ratio, so our team of nurses provides patients with extremely skilled and attentive care.

We currently have more than 80 accredited physicians utilizing our facility. And, because we're independent, any licensed physician may apply for privileges. Simply ask your physician, or check with their office, to request Lakewalk for your outpatient surgery.

Lakewalk Surgery Center is the Northland's leader in an innovative approach to Total Joint Replacement surgery - we assembled the regions’ best surgeons, technology, and care into one seamless process to serve you better. You can choose to have Total Joint Replacement surgery on your knee, hip, or shoulders at Lakewalk, rather than a hospital, meaning you receive more personal care and have a more comfortable experience.

Total Joint Replacement at Lakewalk saves patients time with our efficient pre-surgery, surgery, and recovery processes. Once the procedure is complete, our team develops a customized care plan that gets you moving faster. Also, the procedure is a lower-cost alternative for outpatient surgery - on average, outpatient surgery at a surgery center costs a third less than the same procedure at a hospital.